2017 Wildlife Photography Tour


Join Professional NW Photographer Bart Rulon on this 3 day excursion learning the how to’s while photographing the local Stuart Island wildlife. This year will be the 6th annual Amateur wildlife photography workshop, Let’s make it a success!!

Package includes

  • Gourmet Meal and Lodge Accommodation
  • 4 days/3 nights at Nanook Lodge, Stuart Island
  • Hosted by Sam Anderson and Co-Host Professional Photographer Bart Rulon
  • Mentoring, guidance and advice on wildlife photography and photo shoots
  • Nightly presentations and open discussion with Large Flat Panel in Lodge
  • Safe and Certified guides with properly outfitted, comfortable boats

Save the date: June 2017 & September 2017

061512_629cmIn the months of May and June the local black bears are out and about in search of mainly one thing, Food! After a long winter and not to forage on they know through thousands of years of experience to make way for the beach. Here they can crawl with amazing agility down to the waterside to find a plethora of sea creatures to gorge on until later in the spring when the forest serves up bunches and bunches of berries.  This allows us the absolute perfect opportunity to shoot with cameras from the boat and most of the time the seas state is flat calm with emerald green glacial water. Every now and then a grizzly will be caught by the ocean side as well, not to mention cougar or wolf.


2014RonThe pacific White Dolphins tend to do laps around Stuart Island’s nutrient rich water way, we see them on the way out and maybe once more when heading back to the barn! Dolphin, Killer whales or Orcas and porpoise are common sights in the inside passage. Last year we saw numerous Humpback Whales, with a grand finale breach right in front of the lodge! Don’t miss the action! You will have plenty of opportunities because once or twice you will get distracted watching this area come to life!!

“Join us for your first time or come back again, you won’t ever be able to get enough!”