2022 Nanook Wildlife Photo Tours

Inquire today for May/June/July 2022 Photo Tours!

 In the months of May and June the local black bears are out and about in search of food. They come down to the beaches to forage for nutrient rich sea life such as barnacles, mussels and seaweeds. This time of year will allow us perfect opportunities to shoot with cameras from the boat. Often the ocean water is flat calm and glacial waters are an emerald green colour.  Every now and then a grizzly bear will be seen on the beaches and if we are really lucky, we could catch a glimpse of cougars and wolves.

The pacific white-sided Dolphins tend to do laps around Stuart Island’s nutrient rich water ways. They can travel in pods numbering in the hundreds and they often come and play around our boats when we find them.  Orca and porpoise are common sights in the inside passage. Humpback whales are becoming a common sight; last year we saw numerous Humpback Whales, with a grand finale breach right in front of the lodge! Come and join us for a trip of a lifetime !

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“Join us for your first time or come back again, you won’t ever be able to get enough!”