Hiking and Adventure Tours

phillips river Bute Inlet Waterfall Kayak inside Estero Basin

Here are other interesting and exciting activities we offer at Nanook Lodge. Whether your looking for a combined trip or just a little something to do after a day’s fishing, our backyard has it all!


  • From Nanook Lodge you can hike 45 minutes to Eagle Lake or take the full two-day climb to the top of nearby Mt. Estero. At 5,400 feet above sea level, the view is spectacular!

Rain forest Tours

  • On the way…You will constantly be surrounded by the beauty of the The Great Bear Rainforest!

Whale watching and Wildlife Viewing

  • Get ready for an adventure on the water! Guided whale, wildlife and tidal tours.. Sight see through the island waterways looking for Killer Whales and Pacific Whiteside Dolphin! Every year we see more and More Humpbacks!

Tidal Tours

  • Help your guides as they harvest clams, oysters, crabs, prawns and mussels in the tidal zones near the lodge. Learn about the interesting array of sea creatures and their importance in this ecosystem!

Rapid Tours

  • Take a ride in our new Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat, “The Jaeger” (German for Hunter), Is an awesome means of exploring the local waterways!

Kayaking & Mtn Biking

  • Design a custom adventure trip of a lifetime, Sam Anderson is happy to help you plan an adventure with Kayaks or Mountain Bikes.  This is an opportunity to try something new and possibly be the first one ever to try…

Wildlife Photography Tours

  • We offer guided photography Tours throughout our 6 month season at Nanook. The photography workshops planned for the 2022 season will start in May.  This photographic opportunity can be arranged anytime with advanced notice. We have amazing wildlife!!

Pacific White Sided Dolphins Northern Sea Lions Bull Sea Lion Orca Tail Slap

All of the activities provided are subject to change with weather conditions. All activities will always be performed by certified guides in a safe environment. Please inquire with Sam or Larry as we are willing to help plan the trip you are waiting for!


Sam "Skana" AndersonSam Anderson has been exploring and adventuring in the Stuart Island area for almost 20 years. His interest in the local geography, history and lore will take you to a new level of understanding this pristine ecosystem. Sam (Skana) Anderson graduated from North Island College, Coastal Adventure Tourism program in 2002 with certifications and knowledge of guiding in many activities on the BC coast. ” I am fortunate to have this amazing back yard to share with my friends, family and all those who visit Nanook, Let’s Go!!”