Fishing – Salmon, Ling Cod, Halibut and More!

Experience some of the world’s most remote and pristine Salmon fisheries in British Columbia’s inside passage!  Stuart Island is situated at the mouth of Bute Inlet inside the Discovery Island chain.

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With incredible topography to keep you occupied between bites, come join us and target large Chinook and Coho where the coast range meets the calm Salish Sea!  Our limits are strong and local wild populations are healthy, so you’ll have the resources to try for the elusive Tyee (30lbs+) salmon!

IMG_1144Early Season/Spring Fishing – April to June

  • Explore the mainland inlets among massive schools of herring while trolling with fly rods
  • Dramatic weather and hot fishing in your covered 25′ fishing vessel
  • Other ocean options; Prawns, Oysters, Lingcod, Halibut, Clams, & Mussels
  • Experience the local Stuart Island abundant springtime Chinook fishery



Main Season/Summer Fishing – July and August

  • Chinooks in full swing, Coho & Pinks starting to arrive with Sockeye on their tails
  • Healthy area limits guarantee you going home with a full tote!
  • Shed layers by noon as most days guarantee sunshine and action all day long!
  • During our hot summers we see a plethora of winged, finned and furred wildlife in great numbers!  Humpbacks!


cropped-G0010054.jpgLate Season/Fall Fishing – September and October

  • Finally the Chum have shown up!  12-25lb surface fighters, great for the smoker!
  •  All 5 salmon species have arrived and there’s your chance for a Grand Slam outing (5 specie catch)
  • This is your best, and last, chance at catching that elusive Tyee this year!


Regardless of the season you chose, our scenery is always breathtaking, the fish are biting, and the wildlife is ever changing as we cruise the waterways.  Enjoy day trips with options of a shore lunch, or visit a nearby island’s outdoor pub for a wood-fired pizza & a classic Canadian Caesar

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