About Us


Before Nanook Lodge there’s a long line of anglers in the Anderson family! Sam’s great grandfather August Anderson was fishing for salmon in Sweden during the late 1800’s before moving to America. His son Joe Anderson the Mayor of Galesburg, IL was an avid angler and instrumental in building fishing lakes for his constituents. Joe’s son Raymond fished extensively in southern Florida plus the waters of Lake of the Woods, Canada.
Raymond introduced the art of angling to son Larry at the age of four who did the same for his son Samuel August. Sam and Larry have fished all over the Rockies, Mexico, and Belize and of course, the Inland Passage of BC since 1978!

Nanook Lodge was started by Larry and Sam Anderson in 1998 after the purchase of a cabin and 4 acres on Stuart Island the previous fall. Over 4 months the lodge, docks and guest house buildings were built by Larry, Sam and a host of tradesmen. Literally as the last carpenter went out the back door, the first guests arrived in May of 1998.

Operating continuously since then, 2016 will be the lodge’s 19th year in business. Lodge facilities, kitchen, outbuildings and amenities have been upgraded every year to provide the best fishing and adventure lodge in the Pacific Northwest.

Nanook Lodge caters to selective families and groups seeking upscale accommodations, fishing and eco-tours in an intimate setting. Our service oriented staff offers a unique blend of urban comfort and wilderness adventure. It’s just a short seaplane ride from downtown Seattle to our dock in the “Great Bear Rain Forest.”

Why Nanook?

nnksun-logo-152The Nanook Lodge bear became popular in the early 90’s as the symbol on Larry’s previous boat and guide service, Nanook Adventures. Nanook is the Inuit name for the Polar Bear. When Sam and Larry opened the lodge in 1998 it just seemed natural to keep “our bear with the sunglasses” as our name and logo.

Traditions of Giving Back

Gillard Pass Fisheries Association, Donations to Organizations: Oral Cancer + PSF, Education on the ecosystem and environment, Active inside the fishing world community….



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